Featured Highland-Range Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calories.

Here are a list of the freshest and healthiest leafy green vegetables packed fresh direct from Cameron Highland farms.

Name Packing Barcode Brand
SIEW PAK CHOY 1 x 250g 9555843102066
JAPANESE CHOY SUM 1 x 300g 9555843102042
CORIANDER 1 x 50g 9555843102103
MINT LEAF 1 x 80g 9555843102127
ENGLISH PARSLEY 1 x 50g 9555843102141
Sweet Potato Leaf (Young) 1 x 100g 9555843102257
YAU MAK TAM 1 x 200g 9555843108037
SPRING ONION 1 x 100g 9555843102134
QING LONG CHOY 1 x 160g 9555843102165
Kuchai 1 x 50g 9555843102219